Race Track Trauma Life Support

The goal of the RTTLS-course is a joint training of all professionals who treat accident victims (emergency physicians and EMS/ ambulance personnel). This training especially considers the requirements of medical treatment on race tracks and at Medical Centres.

The official FIA-textbook "medicine in motor sport" is given to every English-speaking participant four weeks before the RTTLS-course in order to get familiar with the contents of the practical training.

The RTTLS-lectures address the numerous differences between motor vehicle accidents on public streets and accidents during motor sport events towards kinematic, extrication and safety. At least, the RTTLS-algorithm for a structured and priority oriented way of care of severly injured racers is discussed.

Afterwards, the workshops and realistic case scenarios allow the participants a hands-on practice in the treatment of the severely injured according to the RTTLS-algorithm in order to deepen their knowledge of the RTTLS concept.
Safety instruction, a demonstration of an extrication team’s basic workflow, as well as fire extinguisher training is included in the RTTLS-course.

Have a more detailed look on the contents of the FIA-certified courses:


safety instruction
vexillology (flag codes)
trauma kinematics
extrication basics
assessment and treatment on race track / at Medical Centre

alternative airway management
management of bleeding
invasive procedures
fire extinguisher training
RTTLS-Case scenarios:

on race track
at Medical Centre

The RTTLS-courses takes place right on the race track and in the adjoining Medial Centre.
Therefore we guarantee the training in the well known environment of your workplace, where – in case of a real accident – you can implement the newly trained algorithms much easier.

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